Music Lessons for everyone!

Learn piano, guitar or keyboard

Coming to Tom Price in March 2016

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Registration day - tentatively Thursday 7th April from 4pm to 6pm at the Nintirri Centre.

Lessons will be held in Tom Price for both children and adults, individually or in groups

Barbara has over 25 year's tutor experience and commenced teaching music in New Zealand before moving to WA, both in Perth and Newman.

"Music has brought so much fulfillment in my life".

Benefits of Learning Music

  • Boost confidence and build self esteem
  • Develop skills to read and play music
  • Learn and recognise rhythm structures
  • Apply rhythmical patterns to songs
  • Enhance performances with cd backings
  • Gain skills in a friendly, safe environment
  • Self improvement
  • Enhance abilities in other areas of learning (eg: academic)
  • Apply knowledge and skills in other areas such as songwriting, recording and group performances

Latest News!

Music Lessons are on offer in Tom Price.

Instruments taught will be piano, keyboard and guitar: piano and keyboard - from 5 years of age, and guitar which is recommended for children from 9 - 10 years of age.

Guitar lessons will be considered for children under the age of 9. An adult is encouraged to attend.

Group lessons may be offered for both keyboard and guitar in the future.

Keyboard and piano students will learn to read music, and master chord and rhythm styles, plus they will receive extension work relating to playing drums and bass (on keyboard).

Guitar pupils will learn to read music and pick melodies, and master chord and rhythm accompaniment styles.

Singing lessons may be considered for children who wish to improve their diction, pitch, breathing, facial expression, presentation and stage presence.

Learn at your
own pace

Music lessons are based on the individual's ability to progress at a satisfactory pace.

Other styles and methods may be introduced to complement the individual's ability and/or extend their range of skills.

There are many pathways to achieve the "end result" - the end result being: to play a song in your room, to play in front of friends and family, to sit an exam, to perform at school, in a concert or in a group. It is your choice!

Practice makes perfect

An AFL player, marathon runner, swimmer all have one thing in common.... they practise!

We need to practise to be good writers, spellers, mathematicians, speakers, workers, drivers....even musicians have to practise!

Some music pupils may be confronted with challenges - musically, but encouragement, commitment, persistence and drive will help them overcome any mini hurdles and conquer their goals. This IS the road to success!

Anyone can become a musician

Most individuals have an equal chance of becoming a competent musician!

As a music tutor, I use various teaching techniques and methods so that an individual can understand what is required in order for them to play their piece of music.

Over the years, I have received numerous positive feedback from both adults and parents of children regarding the way in which I teach, demonstrate and convey new skills.